Sunday, January 4, 2009

Recently In Strange Horizons

While Strange Horizons is, first and foremost, a professional-grade science fiction magazine offering a new short story each week, and in-depth reviews of new speculative fiction in all media, it also publishes a great deal of very worthwhile nonfiction on a host of subjects. This year saw several good articles on gaming (including one by yours truly on the adaptation of video games to film, based in part on my interview of filmmaker Uwe Boll, and this piece by Mark Newheiser on the development of video game music), but lots of real-world issues and developments as well. Particularly noteworthy in the last two months: Ben Crispin's piece on the "robot soldier" (Nov. 10); a meditation on the meaning of Chernobyl by Sergey Gerasimov (Dec. 15); and this brief but worthwhile article by Omar Vega about our changing expectations with regard to life in the solar system (Dec. 22).

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