Sunday, February 8, 2009

February Issue of IROSF Out

The February issue of the Internet Review of Science Fiction went online Wednesday. This latest edition includes a piece by Cheryl Morgan on changes to the Nebula award rules; Kristine Kathryn Rusch's musings about alternate timelines; Robert Bee on the short-lived Unknown Worlds science fiction magazine (a follow-up of sorts to his earlier writing on the pulps for IROSF, which has included articles on the history of the genre pulp magazine, and Robert Silverberg's development at Galaxy, both worth checking out if you haven't seen them already); and a scathing review of James Herrick's recent Scientific Mythologies by Gabriel McKee (who has himself published extensively on that subject).

There's also, among much else, my own article, "Racing Down the Information Superhighway," my look back at the computer-themed cinema of the 1990s. Coming on top of many of my other articles about science fiction in the 1990s for IROSF and other publications ("Post-Cyberpunk's Moment in History," "The Golden Age of Science Fiction Television," "Melrose Space to Marauder," and "Science Fiction and the Post-Cold War"), I think I've said all I can about this period for now, and I'll probably give it a rest for a good long while.

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