Thursday, March 26, 2009

The End of Galactica

As a great many of my readers are well aware, Battlestar Galactica finished out its run last Friday.

The blog Big Dumb Object recently offered a very good overview of the show's high and low points in a "love and hate" list you can access here.

With Galactica ends an era-the new wave of space opera that began circa 1993 (covered, of course, in my round-up of 1990s science fiction for the Internet Review of Science Fiction last June) terminating with the final episode of the last major show to come out of it.

Where the genre will go from here on television is anyone's guess, though Stargate: Universe may be going for the kind of hard edge Galactica offered to judge by the preview (which surprised me, since I found myself picturing a cross between Wormhole X-treme and Star Trek: Voyager when I first heard the premise), and fans will be able to check out the Galactica prequel very soon-the pilot hits DVD (in North America, at any rate) in less than a month from now.

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