Friday, April 24, 2009

Items of Note (Next Season on TV, Newspaper Reviews)

For those wondering about next season's SF TV-relevant pilots, here's a round-up, and a list of guesses about their respective odds of survival, from the people over at SciFi Wire.

Also of interest: a link to a discussion on the future prospects of newspaper reviews of genre books.

My thought on the subject: though I have of course seen the occasional endorsement from a newspaper review on a genre book's dust jacket, I was scarcely aware that newspapers ever reviewed fantasy or science fiction much. Certainly my local paper never did. (Instead its reviews pages, with few exceptions, tended to focus on mainstream "literary" work, or stuff assumed to be of particular local interest, or most likely, stuff fitting into both those categories.) From what I've seen of the very biggest newspapers-the New York Times, for instance-they don't seem to have been much different.

Nonetheless, it would still be unfortunate to lose that venue for the discussion of the genre.

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