Saturday, July 11, 2009

From io9 (Books That Launched Their Own Genres, The Singularity Backlash, Stackpole on Breaking In)

I recently ran across a number of articles at the prolific and always-interesting genre blog io9 that I thought particularly worthy of mention here, including

* A piece listing "Science fiction books that launched their own genres."

* Michael Stackpole on online publishing as a way for aspiring writers to break in (interesting, even if I didn't find it particularly persuasive), and,

* A "rant" from editor Annalee Newitz on "The Singularity Backlash." Interestingly, she characterizes the turn away from the Singularity as science fiction "taking refuge in the past for a while," and points to steampunk as an example of this trend (an idea I discussed in my article on steampunk in IROSF this month).

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R.I.P. Sci-Fi Channel

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