Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Recent Items of Interest (Barack Obama's Pills, Harry Patch, Brian Downey Interview)

This week's round-up includes

* Remember a few weeks back when John Hodgman quizzed President Barack Obama on Dune at the Radio and Television Correspondents Dinner? In light of the clumsy red-and-blue pill metaphor Obama used in the health care press conference on Wednesday, I found myself wondering if Hodgman didn't jump the gun in declaring him "our first nerd President," and naturally enough others noticed, with the bit presented early in the next day's edition of The Colbert Report striking me as particularly inspired. (The actual conference, and the shameful handling of it in the media-naturally quick to focus on an off-the-cuff remark regarding the arrest of Henry Louis Gates instead of explaining and analyzing the reform plan-are quite a different matter.)

* Given my talk about the passing of the Victorians in my article on steampunk in IROSF last month, it is only appropriate to note here that the last surviving British veteran of World War I, Harry Patch, died last week at age 111.

* Lexxverse has posted a new interview with Brian Downey, justly renowned for his portrayal of Stanley Tweedle. Just like the others preceding it in this series (which includes interviews with actors Michael McManus, Rolf Kanies, Ellen Dubin and series writer and sometime actor Lex Gigeroff), it contains plenty of interest for fans of Lexx.

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