Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year, New Review at Tangent, Year's Best at Strange Horizons

Happy New Year, everybody. Here we all are now in the year 2010-a year that doesn't quite have the futuristic cachet that 2000 or 2001 did, but still has a good bit going for it in that regard.

During the Christmas-New Year's stretch, my review of the August 2009 Interzone went up at Tangent Online, a special issue devoted to Hugo-nominated short story writer Dominic Green-so that it actually carries three of his short stories among its five pieces, while also presenting Green as the subject of the issue's interview, well worth a read in itself. (One of these, "Butterfly Bomb," seems likely to rate a good bit of attention from awards-presenters and anthologizers.)

Additionally, Strange Horizons has kicked off its first edition of the year with the latest installment in its annual round-up of the "Year in Review," to which I of course contributed. It is well worth a look from anyone looking for a good overview of 2009 in science fiction, across the media spectrum, because of the breadth and variety the different reviewers bring to it.

New Reviews (Intelligent Design, Wired for War)
December IROSF
The 10 Biggest Sci-Fi Disappointments of the Last Decade?
This Week on SyFy (Outer Space Astronauts, Annihilation: Earth)
New and Noteworthy (Peter Watts on the Climate Change Debate, the Digital Economy Bill, Bear on Lovecraft)

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