Monday, January 18, 2010

New and Noteworthy (Book of Eli, Madrass Press, Unpublished Guy, McAuley's Books, Philip K. Dick Nominees)

In today's edition:

* A lengthy essay over at io9 analyzing The Book of Eli as a "reboot" of the 1974 John Boorman film Zardoz.

* An article in Strange Horizons by Pamela Mancuso on a new, Montreal-based publishing firm devoted to short fiction, Madrass Press (written with an all too rare recognition of the grinding experience of trying to sell a piece of fiction). (Mancuso's piece is part two of the series "A Year of Giving." Part One, by S.J. Chambers, covered four "magnanimous efforts" inside the science fiction community during 2009.)

* Those appreciative of the aforementioned problems facing writers trying to publish might also enjoy checking out the Unpublished Guy blog, chronicling one frustrated author's adventures in the business, as well as,

* Paul McAuley's recent blogging about his relationship to his books as an author over at Earth and Other Unlikely Worlds. And finally,

* The list of nominees for this year's Philip K. Dick awards has just been released. (You can check it out here.)

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