Sunday, August 1, 2010

New and Noteworthy: Items From the Hiatus #7 (Aliette de Bodard's Novel, More McCalmont, Stross, MacLeod, Creative Writing Programs)

In today's final, rather large edition of "Items From the Hiatus":

*A review of Aliette de Bodard's Servant of the Underworld (a historical fantasy set in the Aztec empire) at Strange Horizons.

* Over at Jonathan McCalmont's recently redesigned blog, Ruthless Culture, his second entry in his series analyzing Gene Wolfe's Book of the New Sun, an examination of the second volume, The Claw of the Conciliator and his 2010 podcast round-up. Also recommended--his Blasphemous Geometries column on Dead Space (lensed through a critique of capitalism), and a lengthy review of China Mieville's The City & The City for The Zone.

* Several pieces by Charles Stross over at Charlie's Diary, including parts eight and nine of his series on "Common Misconceptions About Publishing" (discussing the reality of writing as lifestyle and job, and the implications of e-books, respectively); his official position on fan fiction in the wake of Diana Gabaldon's tirade on the subject (no longer available at her blog, apparently, but covered here at Teleread); the challenges of writing near-future science fiction in the early twenty-first century (an interesting argument, even if I disagree strongly on some points); and on a somewhat lighter note, "Five reasons to envy the French."

* Ken MacLeod at The Early Days of a Better Nation on recent revelations regarding the Café Bristol famously a part of the Moscow Trials of the 1930s, and Francis Spufford's Red Plenty, a fictionalized account of a Soviet attempt to use computers in their economic planning during the 1960s.

*And finally, Lisa Pryor with a critique of college creative writing programs in The Age.

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