Friday, October 8, 2010

New and Noteworthy (Bad Science Journalism, Stross, A Video Game Canon?, Netflix and Sony)

In today's edition:

* By way of Futurismic, a piece by "Lay Scientist" Martin Robbins in the Guardian satirizing bad science journalism, which is, of course, far and away the predominant kind. (Case in point: Time magazine's annual list of "50 Best Inventions," which I discussed on my other blog a couple of years ago.) Since then, Robbins has offered a follow-up in which he offers his more straightforward critique of the field.

* Charles Stross's latest post in his "Books I Will Not Write" series on another unrealized series, this one a reminder not just of the challenges involved in bringing novel ideas to a bookstore near you, but the practical limits on free speech even established authors face.

* Jonathan McCalmont's latest Blasphemous Geometries column, in which he lays out the case for a "canon" for video games, just as exists in literature.

* And finally, Rick Aristotle Munarriz's piece at The Motley Fool about Netflix's new deal with Sony, extending its problematic practice of delaying the rental of new releases in exchange for cheaper DVDs and more streaming. (Interestingly, Munarriz notes that subscribers have been downgrading to cheaper plans, and draws a connection between this turn on the part of customers and the company's plan.)

On the New York Times Bestseller List . . .
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New and Noteworthy (Books Charles Stross Will Not Write, 2017, R.I.P Sci-Friday)

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