Friday, October 1, 2010

New and Noteworthy (Books Charles Stross Will Not Write, 2017, R.I.P Sci-Friday)

In today's edition, on the first of October:

* Charles Stross's new series of posts on "Books I Will Not Write," discussing ideas he has had, but which never came to pass, generally as a result of collisions between authorial imagination and the realities of the publishing business. At the moment, Stross is already on post number four, discussing an unwritten space opera he'd been cooking up back in 1993. Posts one and two discussed an unrealized dieselpunk alternate history that I for one would have liked to see, the development of the Singularity Sky sequel Iron Sunrise, and the alternative path that his Merchant Princes series (the commercial incarnation of which yours truly reviewed for Strange Horizons earlier this year) might have taken, respectively.

Like many of Stross's other series on his blog, such as "Common Misconceptions About Publishing" and "How I Got Here in the End" these are of interest not only for fans, but to anyone interested in the actual business of writing and publishing.

* At Strange Horizons (which marked its tenth anniversary just last month), Michael Froggart wrestles with Olga Slavnikova's 2017 (which I reviewed earlier this month for The Future Fire's reviews blog).

* And finally, tonight SyFy will remind us all of its contempt for the science fiction audience to which it presumably caters as it makes good on its intent to start airing WWE Smackdown in the Friday prime time slot which has for over a decade been home to the channel's original programming. Of course, there will still be original dramatic programming after 10 P.M., Haven finishing its first season in this time slot, with the third season of Sanctuary to start airing in its time slot on October 15. But Tuesday is now the main night (with Stargate: Universe kicking off its second season in the nine P.M. time slot on Tuesday the 28th, and season two of Caprica due to begin airing at ten this coming Tuesday.

"So long, nerds! Syfy Doesn't Need You," Ree Hines titled her article on the decision, all too aptly. Would that it weren't so.

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