Monday, January 31, 2011

New and Noteworhy (The Future of Publishing, Syfy as the New Bravo, 2011 in Movies)

In today's edition, the very last for January 2011:

* From SfSignal, the site's latest "Mind Meld," which has as its theme the future of publishing, and Cheryl Morgan, Neil Clarke, Gordon Van Gelder, Nick Mamatas, Lou Anders and Tim Pratt. Van Gelder's answer is pretty much that he doesn't have an answer, but there is a pretty good range of ideas here. My guess is that Anders is right about the importance of content over medium and the slower change it implies, Clarke quite plausible in his guesses about some of the things that will (and some of the things that won't) change, Morgan and Pratt right about the growing difficulties for real authors actually trying to live by writing (especially Pratt, who also discusses the connection between authorship and celebrity), while Mamatas offers us perhaps the most optimistic scenario we can reasonably hope for.

* At the blog Biology in Science Fiction, Peggy asks "Is Syfy the New Bravo?" after the premiere of Face Off. My answer to that is of course, "Yes, and in the worst conceivable ways," though Peggy offers a consideration more suitable than mine for those who don't detest reality TV, and especially those who don't detest what Bravo has become.

* From Box Office Mojo, a preview of what viewers can expect later this year in movies. Unsurprisingly, sequels are prominent, a record number of them being scheduled for release this year--as well as an upsurge in comic book-based movies, compared with their lower profile after the boom year of 2008. In short, we can expect more of the same from Hollywood, much more of it in fact, and my guess is that we'll see pretty much the same thing the year after that, and the year after that.

"Was 2010 the Worst Year for Movies Ever?"

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