Thursday, February 3, 2011

New and Noteworthy (Batman: Plutocrat, Davos in Space, Political Polarization in SF?, 2011 Revolutions?)

In today's politically themed edition:

* An intriguing piece by comic book editor Steve Padnick at on "Batman: Plutocrat."

* Paul McAuley on the World Economic Forum (and its Randian overtones) at Earth and Other Unlikely Worlds.

* At It Doesn't Have to Be Right, Ian Sales responding to Patrick Richardson's article for Pajama's Media asking "Is Science Fiction Getting More Conservative?"

* And finally, both Ken MacLeod and Charles Stross are currently commenting on events in Egypt. Both authors cite Professor Juan Cole's post on his blog Informed Comment "Why Egypt 2011 is Not Iran 1979," while Stross also mentions John Quiggin's discussion, "The End of the Arab Exception?" at Crooked Timber.

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