Thursday, February 17, 2011

New and Noteworthy (High Thrillers and Low, Welcome to the Greenhouse, Alternative Ending for Little Brother, Ian Sales)

In today's edition:

* Harry Connolly's guest post at Charlie's Diary suggesting the division of the thriller category between "high" tales about "people in power" in settings inaccessible to the average reader, with "big stakes . . . lots of scope and a major part of the appeal . . . that it gives a peek into the way the very powerful operate" and "low" stories about "low-level criminals or regular citizens in danger." (Personally, I find the distinction a useful one as both a critic and a reader.)

* At The Portal, a review of Gordon Van Gelder's new climate change-themed anthology, Welcome to the Greenhouse, featuring stories by several Big Name authors, including Brian Aldiss, Gregory Benford, Alan Dean Foster, Paul Di Filippo and Bruce Sterling.

* An alternative ending to Cory Doctorow's Hugo-winning Little Brother, as conceived by a dissatisfied fan, linkable from Doctorow's own web site (all nice and legal, thanks to the Creative Commons license). Having found the ending of the original rather too tidy, I think it may be an improvement.

* And finally, a pair of interesting posts from Ian Sales at It Doesn't Have to Be Right, one his brief Devil's Dictionary-style guide to the subgenres of science fiction, and the other, his defense of the much-maligned label, science fiction.

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