Thursday, February 10, 2011

New and Noteworthy (Ken MacLeod, Robots, Foreign Movies at the Oscars, Locus Recommended Reading List)

In today's edition:

* Ken MacLeod's stirring words about the "Battle of Tahrir Square" at his blog, The Early Days of a Better Nation, which he thinks may be looked back on as the event that "brought the human subject and human emancipation back into politics." Are we turning the corner on postmodernity and stupid identity politics? Here's hoping.

* Paul Raven in Futurismic on the obstacles turning up in the way of bringing robots into the home--focusing on their use in the care of the elderly. (Among others, he cites a recent piece by BBC News Tokyo correspondent Michael Fitzpatrick about the challenges involved in bringing them to market, interesting though disappointingly short on elaboration of the technical details.) Alas, it's another reminder that the Ray Kurzweil image of the 21st century remains distant.

* An article by Dennis Lim in the New York Times offering a critique of the treatment of foreign films at the Oscars.

* Locus's "Recommended Reading List" for 2010.

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