Monday, June 6, 2011

New and Noteworthy (Rule 34, Atompunk)

In today's edition:

* From Charles Stross, a preview of his upcoming novel, the Halting State sequel Rule 34, at his blog. (Stross will post one chapter every Friday until the book's release.)

* X-Men: First Class grossed $56 million in its opening weekend. This falls far short of the $100 million+ takes now routine for the most-anticipated films (and for that matter, the previous films in the X-Men franchise), but given its place in the franchise (a reboot after two films regarded as disappointments by much of the audience, and the departure of the stars of the first movies), it may still be regarded as a respectable performance, especially if the grosses show "legs" in the coming weeks (crucial to the success of comparable films like Batman Begins and Casino Royale).

What interests me most about the film from a commercial perspective is the retro element in the '60s-set film, which seems to be growing more marketable to general audiences. If that's the case, perhaps an "atompunk" James Bond movie--even if unlikely to happen any time soon--isn't so crazy an idea as I thought.

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