Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Call for Reviews of Independent SF

Raritania is now hosting reprints of reviews of independently published works of speculative fiction.

The books in question must be available on Amazon.com, and the reviews previously published by an established book review blog. For now only one review will be accepted per book, and one book per author. Preference will be given to novel-length works or book-length collections of shorter materials; works which have received ten reviews or less to date; and reviews which have been favorable.

The reviews must be submitted by the authors of the reviews, who are assumed to hold all the pertinent rights to them. (This means that if you are an author who would like to see a positive review of their book appear here, you should ask the reviewer to submit the review to this site rather than try to submit the review yourself.)

All reviews should be submitted to the e-mail address indicated on the "About This Site" page. Once received, it should be a week or less before I e-mail you with a note to indicate receipt, acceptance (reviews which do not meet the criteria discussed here may be rejected), and the schedule for its posting.

Thank you for your interest.

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