Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2011 Round-Up, Part III: Things I Never Want to Hear About Again

Those who read this blog regularly are probably aware that there's rather a long list of pop cultural items I don't want to hear about ever again – not least because I wish I'd never heard of them in the first place. Many of them are grossly overexposed celebrities. (Like Jane Lynch.) Most of them are reality shows, and people (pseudo-celebrities?) who owe their fame to those shows. (Jersey Shore and its cast are examples of these items which joined the list this past year.)

Still, other material does find its way there – like The Big Bang Theory. This past February I shared my thoughts on the subject of why I can't stand that particular show, which has since confirmed its place in this list during the publicity for the show's explosion into syndication, inundating American television with reruns of the sitcom, and commercials for said reruns. All by itself TBS is broadcasting the show eleven hours a week, in prime time slots on four different nights, as if its name stands for T(he) B(ig Bang Theory) S(tation), which is a depressing thought indeed.

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