Monday, October 8, 2012

Eureka: Season Five

Tonight the Syfy Channel begins airing the fifth and final season of its original series, Eureka.

I have followed the show from the start, but never really been all that attached to it. At its best, it was lightweight, disposable entertainment, and it was frequently not at its best. Quite frequently it annoyed me with its embodiment of all that is most asinine in the "folk" view of science (I sum this up in my discussion of what I call the "Eureka paradigm"), and its cast of characters, which consists mostly of supremely obnoxious scientist clich├ęs, like Nathan Stark and Zane Donovan and Douglas Fargo and . . . the list goes on. (Warehouse 13, which can be taken as a fantasy variant of the basic concept, benefits from its dispensing with both those elements.)

Still, the show has been a big part of the Syfy Channel line-up for rather a long time – six years now. Only the channel's reality shows have lasted longer than that. And so for all my misgivings, the end of that run still feels, in some small way, like the end of an era.

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