Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New and Noteworthy (Indie Publishing, Galactica, Eureka)

In today's edition:

* While one may not know it from the breathless hype with which some of the press stories approach the subject, indie books remain the subject of enormous suspicion, and even outright hostility and contempt. Some of the suspicion, at any rate, may be understandable. (There is so much of the stuff out there, and if traditional publishing's become stiflingly restrictive, the alternative here's the absence of any filter whatsoever, making it exceedingly difficult for readers to find their way to their good stuff.) Some of it isn't. (Indie authors have to contend with the stupidity of those who insist that if a book's any good, it'll have got through the gauntlet that is traditional publishing; and the hypercritical attitude such things as a DIY book jacket might evoke, even those who presume to be friends of the indie movement routinely displaying such prejudices.) At any rate, here's Chris Faraone's defense of his own decision to take the indie route.

* At Tor.com, Ryan Britt on Downton Abbey as an Edwardian Battlestar Galactica. His analysis is more curious than illuminating, but the piece does point to the fact that there are some striking parallels in the world-views of these shows.

* From Airlock Alpha, Michael Hinman on how Eureka "set the pace for Syfy's Future" – a not unreasonable claim given its appearance early in the channel's turn to more "grounded" series with mainstream appeal in its scripted here. (Those curious about things to come in that area can check out Hinman's post on the subject from last week, in which he discusses the projects in development – which may or may not eventually air on the channel.)

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