Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New and Noteworthy (Ray Bradbury, Allen Steele, Rapture of the Nerds, Eureka)

In today's edition:

* Airlock Alpha on the death of science fiction grandmaster Ray Bradbury. This is, of course, just one of many remembrances of the author. Among other pieces I found of interest are a pair of items in last week's Space Review (Star Trek producer Andre Bormanis' tribute, and aerospace engineer Jim Kanuf's more personal remembrance), and from quite a different perspective, two more at the WSWS (where Christine Schofelt and Hector Cordon offer their take on his career, and Nebula nominee Steven Brust also offers his own thoughts).

* Also at the Space Review: political scientist John Hickman interviews Allen Steele.

* Cory Doctorow presents an excerpt from his and Charles Stross' upcoming novel, Rapture of the Nerds – which, as those familiar with that phrase might guess, is a "comic novel of the Singularity."

* Michael Hinman on the cancellation of Eureka. (Going by cocreator Jamie Paglia's remarks, this seems to indeed have been a matter of money-grubbing executives wondering "Why not more reality TV instead?")

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