Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New and Noteworthy (Ian Sales and the Hugos, SHIELD TV series, "Geeks" on Big Bang)

"In today's edition:

* Ian Sales' impassioned critique of the Hugo Awards, for both their antiquated organization, and their tendency to reward self-referential work - science fiction about science fiction rather than science fiction about the world in which we live (a theme Paul Kincaid recently took up in the L.A. Review of Books, a piece which Sales does reference).

* It seems that ABC is looking to capitalize on the success of Marvel's Avengers this past summer by making a TV show about SHIELD, to be developed by Joss Whedon. The idea is intriguing, but it is worth remembering that comic book-based fare has done rather less well on the small screen than on the large, for the reason that its main draw has been grand spectacle of a kind TV cannot easily supply. Equally, Joss Whedon's post-Buffyverse television career has run to well-received but short-lived shows like Firefly and Dollhouse - in part because the major television networks are simply not hospitable places for such programming. In short, enthusiastic as ABC may now be, success is anything but guaranteed - though I do look forward to checking out the show when it comes out.

* A piece I missed when it first appeared back in January, but which, given the response to my earlier post about "The Big Bang Theory," I should have caught onto earlier, and which justifies my mentioning it here despite the fact that, as noted earlier, I'm far past the point of not wanting to hear anything about the show ever again: K. Thor Jensen's "11 Reasons Geeks Hate the Big Bang Theory" over at Ugo. I'm not sure I agree with his every point - I simply didn't watch the show enough to have the context for numbers ten and six, for instance - but do concur especially strongly with points number five and seven, about which I previously had something to say, and number four as well, "bazinga" surely one of the all-time most obnoxious catch phrases.

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