Thursday, December 20, 2012

Genre Film in 2012: io9's Take

While 2012 is not yet over, io9 is already looking back at the year's genre films, offering its picks for the ten best and ten worst (at any rate, among English-language films, no foreign offerings apparently being considered).

The most interesting of their selections? Cloud Atlas for the #10 slot on both their best and worst lists for the many ways in which did and did not work. Also interesting: The Hobbit, one of the year's biggest events in genre film and film period, not only did not turn up on either list, but received no mention of any kind.

The film they picked as the year's best is the indie Robot & Frank, while Dark Shadows made the #1 slot on the year's worst list.

I've found myself agreeing more often than I disagree with them in the past, though that's certainly happened. In their 2008 list, for instance, they had Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull as worst genre movie of the year, while Iron Man made the #5 slot on their best list, two picks with which I strongly disagreed. Just as with the Star Wars prequels, the negativity of the reaction against Indy's fourth big-screen adventure was exaggerated, and for much the same reasons (the passage of time, the proliferation of CGI), while the first Jon Favreau-Robert Downey Jr. Iron Man movie was grossly overpraised.

At this point, though, I still haven't seen enough of this year's lists to have strong judgments about it yet, but what do those of you who have followed this year's films more closely think?

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