Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New and Noteworthy (Oscar Edition)

In today's special Oscar-themed edition, the comments about this year's awards that struck me as being of greatest interest (in all likelihood, wrapping up this blog's discussion of the event):

* Total Film offers a list of fifteen "shameful" snubs. The most interesting of the cases they present: those for Best Picture nominations for The Dark Knight Rises and The Raid: Redemption, a Best Actor nomination for Karl Urban's performance in the titular role in Dredd, and a Best Adapted Screenplay nomination for The Avengers.

* Tom Shone of the Guardians' film blog on the end of what he called the "Oscar film," described here as "mid-range, mid-budget humanitarian epics like Dances With Wolves, Gandhi and Driving Missy Daisy, about the moral efficacy of the individual – one person making a difference, in costume" - and of course, how that led to Argo (a controversial win in quite a few quarters) beating Lincoln.

* And finally, David Walsh with quite another perspective on how the ceremony played out. As one might expect given his particularly pointed criticism of some of the year's nominees (like Django Unchained and Zero Dark Thirty, but also Argo), he criticizes the product on the grounds of politics as well as art, which he sees as broadly representative of problematic tendencies within the film industry, like the superficiality of its "liberalism" (limited to culture and lifestyle, while thoroughly conservative in its attitudes toward economics and international politics), and its refusal to "mention . . . a single problem of contemporary life" ("one had the distinct sense that some powerful anti-reality filtration system was at work in the hall"), with the implications of Michelle Obama's presenting the Best Picture award, and Syriana producer and star George Clooney's being among the recipients, naturally remarked upon.

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