Wednesday, May 29, 2013

New and Noteworthy (Tobias Buckell, Charles Stross, Fan Fiction)

In today's edition:

* Tobias Buckell, in a response to a piece over at the self-delusion-themed blog You Are Not So Smart, discusses how "survivorship bias" has contributed to a hyperabundance of worthless advice about writing and publishing - just as it has everywhere else in life.

* Charles Stross' series of "crib sheets" in which he has been discussing the road may of his books took from the first germ of an idea to publication. Thus far he has discussed Singularity Sky, The Atrocity Archive, Iron Sunrise and Accelerando.

The piece on Singularity Sky is probably the best "how I broke in" story I have ever read, offering a glimpse of the frustration and nerves and dead ends faced by those trying to get out of the slush pile and into the business (elided in the sanitized tales which we usually get about query letters happily answered).

The piece on Accelerando is likewise noteworthy for its comparison of that novel's first chapter (set circa 2013) to what we have really been living through in that time period, and what it suggests about our earlier expectations about the Singularity.

* Wired on one effort to make fan fiction a commercially viable enterprise - Amazon making a deal to distribute stories about selected Warner Bros. television shows through the Kindle.

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