Wednesday, June 19, 2013

New and Noteworthy ("Bit Rot," Spiderman 4?, io9)

In today's edition:

* Charles Stross is making freely available e-copies of "Bit Rot," a short story connecting his novel Saturn's Children with its upcoming sequel, Neptune's Daughter.

* At Hero Complex, word that, a year before the second rebooted Spiderman film even hits theaters, Sony has already scheduled the release dates for the third and fourth movies in the series.

I have to admit that I was dubious about The Amazing Spiderman from the start, and didn't come away from the film thinking any differently. (It seemed too soon for another go at the series, I'm not sure the effort offered enough that was new on the level of story or spectacle to justify itself--though I did like the bit with the cranes at the end--and frankly Andrew Garfield came off as obnoxious when he was supposed to seem flip, just as he always does, a legacy of playing jerks on-screen again and again I guess.) However, it is still worth remembering that even with inflated ticket prices and 3-D surcharges, it still made less money than any of the movies in the Sam Raimi trilogy, and that to date no superhero franchise has managed four successful hits in a mere seven summers, all of which makes Sony's plan seems awfully bullish.

* Finally, on a lighter note, io9 speculates "What if Pixar Remade Flash Gordon and Other Classic Pulp Classics?"

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