Friday, June 28, 2013

New and Noteworthy (Transformers, World War Z, Justice League Movie)

In today's edition:

* Courtesy of io9, a preview of Autumn Rain trilogy author David J. Williams' Transformers novel, Retribution.

* Christine Schofelt offers a review of World War Z which compares the film to Max Brooks' book, and alas, finds it wanting, especially where the original's satirical edge is concerned, which seems all too predictable given Hollywood's tendency as of late--and alas, reinforced by the eye riveted on a global box office. (Not only did fear of offending China constrain the filmmakers this time around, but the fear of offending Russia as well, according to Schofelt's piece.)

* At Airlock Alpha, Richard Lee Byers considers the question of whom the possible Justice League film's cast of characters ought to include. (In the course of this he touches on some of the problems involved in bringing the Wonder Woman franchise to the screen, as well as the implications of the Green Lantern movie from 2011.)

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