Wednesday, September 18, 2013

New and Noteworthy (Starhunter, Kick-Ass 2, Ian Sales)

In today's edition:

* The Hollywood Reporter on plans to revive the space opera Starhunter as a web series. (Less watched than contemporaneous TV space operas during the genre's boom period in the early 2000s--and as far as I can tell, below the pop cultural radar since--those who missed it the first time around might want to give it a second look, or a first, in these lean times for fans.)

* Dylan Lubao reviews Kick-Ass 2 in a piece which concisely situates it within the larger history of the superhero comics genre, and in turn, situates that history within the larger course of the twentieth century--the trumping of the shallow and simple-minded righteousness of Golden Age comics by the shallow and simple-minded "dark-and-gritty" outlook that now prevails not merely the replacement of "one childish conceit by another," but reflective of larger changes in our political life.

He also consider the film on the terms on which it has been promoted, as "a love letter for fans of superhero movies" or "paean to the comic book art form," as a satire exposing the "consequences of vigilante justice," and even as "one more harmless superhero film"--and finds it a failure on every single count.

* And finally, Ian Sales makes good on his summer reading promises with a review of Robert Heinlein's The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. Sales' response is about what anyone familiar with him or with Heinlein (let alone Moon) would guess, but it is often incisive and entertaining nonetheless.

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