Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Skyfall: A Critical View (Postscript)

As readers of this blog know, I was already dubious about the Bond series by the time of Die Another Day, and the first two Daniel Craig films only deepened my skepticism.

Nonetheless, I came to Skyfall wondering if it would change my mind, and, enjoying the opening action sequence, then the song and the titles, thought that it just might have a shot.

That lasted--oh, about twenty minutes. While I was at times amused by what followed, at times annoyed or repulsed, I rarely got drawn in--just briefly, when things were blowing up at the end, a testament to competent action directing rather than the film's handling of its characters, concept or story.

And so in the end it all seemed to be simply more of the same.

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Anonymous said...

I must admit I expected something different. An attempt to explain, why the movie was so surprisingly successfull. For a pure personal review why you think the movie sucks its some month to late.


Nader said...

I regret that my essay (longer in coming than I'd planned) disappointed. But I don't think it's ever too late for a personal review. Especially not when it goes past the superficial ("I liked it/I didn't like it") to explain how and if the movie works and what it means. Especially not when the review is of a film that is part of an ongoing franchise, for which the movie's success will have significant implications. Especially not when the reviewer offers an alternative to the general run of opinion.

All of that has been the case here.

And at any rate, the essay did begin, at least in part, with that question: why did Skyfall do so well with audiences and critics? Certainly some have pointed to the film's narrative ambition (the comeback story, the "family" drama, etc.). Others suggest that Skyfall brought the series back full circle. I simply don't think that the film was successful on either of those levels. Admittedly the result is to rule out possible explanations for the film's success rather than offer anything positive, but they do point us to where we might find that--in such matters as timing and hype about which I do not have much more to say than I already have.

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