Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Book Reviews (Space Opera)

Listed below are my reviews of space opera.

Star Wars
"Heir to the Empire, by Timothy Zahn." Raritania (October 11, 2015).

"Outbound Flight, by Timothy Zahn." Raritania (September 24, 2015).

More . . .

"The Centauri Device, by M. John Harrison." Raritania (November 30, 2011).

"Regenesis, by C.J. Cherryh." Strange Horizons (May 26, 2009).

"The New Space Opera: All New Stories of Science Fiction Adventure, edited by Gardner Dozois and Jonathan Strahan." The Internet Review of Science Fiction (November 2008). (Collected in After the New Wave: Science Fiction Since 1980.)

"Seeker by Jack McDevitt." Internet Review of Science Fiction (April/May 2007).

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