Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Bond and America and Spectre

It does not seem to have just been my imagination when American reviewers got their two cents and suddenly the criticism of the series appeared a whole lot more brutal. The Australian took notice of the tendency too.

The article is mostly a round-up of the less complimentary things American critics have said, but it does offer a reminder that the United States has always been a less friendly market for the franchise than its native Britain--because of factors ranging from the U.S. being disinclined to import its pop culture (and especially its action heroes), a sneering attitude toward perceived "self-importance" on Britain's part, or the frankly unflattering things Ian Fleming often had to say about the country (especially in his later books).

One result is that they may be less forgiving of the weaknesses that pretty much everyone admits on both sides of the ocean.

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