Monday, November 16, 2015

The Results Are In: Spectre's Weekend Performance

Spectre enjoyed a strong hold in its second weekend, dropping just 49.7 percent by Brad Brevet's estimate for a $35.4 million total. As Gitesh Pandya notes, this was less than either the better-received Skyfall (54 percent), or the much-criticized Quantum of Solace (60 percent). This has been good enough to keep it in the #1 spot for a second week, and raise its gross to $130 million. Pandya now estimates that the movie will finish with about $220 million in the U.S. market.

Moreover, the film's real success has been overseas. Besides the records already broken in its British run ($121 million taken to date), the film has indeed hit China, and just as seemed likely, its performance has far exceeded the prior Bond film's. The take in the first three days has been an impressive $48 million--a new best opening weekend, and almost as much as Skyfall made in its whole run ($59 million). The result is that, as has happened with so many other recent hits, earnings from China seem likely to offset disappointment in the movie's performance in the American market, and enable it to still finish in the billion-dollar neighborhood.

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