Friday, February 5, 2016

Spectre Arrives . . . on Video

Spectre comes out on DVD on February 9.

According to BoxOfficeMojo, the film's total global theatrical earnings stand at just a little under $878 million.

This is a great success by any reasonable standard--including that of the series' own history. Indeed, after adjusting the numbers for inflation it would appear that, Skyfall apart, no other Bond film has made this kind of money since the series' '60s-era heyday.

But then, the film industry has never been a reasonable business. And the performance of Skyfall, even if in many ways a unique event (fiftieth anniversary, new approach and so forth), was taken not for a fluke, but as the new standard by which everything else had to be judged, with any movie that did less well denigrated as a failure. The bad publicity from the Sony hack back in 2014, the revelations about the budget (I already said this is not a reasonable business), the louder and sillier than usual fuss about the casting of the next unmade film before the one actually in the can had even come out, only made matters worse. So too the ferocity with which the critics came at the movie. (It is often the case that while they kiss ass they also sharpen their knives, ready to use them when the wind changes--but I suspect politics had something to do with this as well. In fact, you can think of Spectre being to Skyfall as Quantum was to Casino Royale.)

Indeed, it was already my thought last year that whatever else happens, the inevitable next Bond film will strike out in a different direction. Still, I wonder if, seeing the movie after things have settled down, and better able to take the long view, critics and fans will not come to take a more favorable view of the movie.

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