Thursday, July 19, 2018

Solo: A Star Wars Story Update

The Star Wars anthology film Solo: A Star Wars Story has completed eight full weeks' in theaters.

Despite some uncertainty on my part about the matter, it has broken $200 million at the American box office ($212 million banked).

More predictably, overseas earnings did not match this figure, a mere $173 million taken in total.

There is little hope of much being added to the total. Solo's weekend grosses fell below the $1 million mark in North America last week (to $400,000), while overseas it has already arrived in just about every major market. (It has already shot its bolt in China, which often singlehandedly puts a movie that otherwise flop into the black, but made a measly $16 million there; while it has also been out in Japan for two weeks, where it topped the box office for them but does not seem likely to accomplish any miracles for the bottom line.)

All that adds up to well under $400 million global--a mere $385 million--and the remaining $15 million to cross that line are far from a sure thing.

Less than half what Rogue One made. Less than a third what the disappointing The Last Jedi made.

It's not the absolute worst outcome I imagined after seeing those opening weekend numbers. (I talked about a gross closer to $300 million as a possibility.)

But it's pretty close, uncomfortably close for the studio. And while Hollywood executives are justly notorious for an incapacity to take responsibility, learn or change (it is those without money, power and status who have to listen to endless lectures about such things, usually from those to whom life has been kinder, and generally don't abide by such advice), it is reportedly having some consequences for the studio's plans.

Let's not exaggerate. Forbes' Scott Mendelson is probably wildly overoptimistic when he suggests that we'll get "fewer ill-advised reboots." And it seems very probable that nothing's been canceled. Still, some things are being rethought, much as I'd guessed--like that Boba Fett movie being scaled down from the meagbudget summer blockbuster level to something more practical (as Hollywood Reporter confirms).

I wonder which of my other speculations will come to pass?

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