Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New and Noteworthy (Lost, Lex Gigeroff, Future Fire, and From Charlie's Diary . . .)

James Schellenberg has a worthwhile piece reviewing the fifth season of Lost up at Strange Horizons.

Additionally, Lexxverse has a new interview with Lexx Lex Gigeroff up. Gigeroff, of course, was one of the principal writers, and also appeared on the show in a number of memorable roles including Barnabas K. Huffington. (Anyone acquainted with Gigeroff knows he has fun with these things-he certainly did when I interviewed him for my article on the show in SH two years ago-and there's plenty of interest here as well.)

Mr. Gigeroff has also provided Lexxverse with his outline for the second season of the show, from "before the beans actually started writing the scripts for the season."

The Future Fire's latest edition (#16) is also out (while my review of Stephen Zimmer's The Exodus Gate has gone up at its associated review venue, the TFF Review Blog).

And Charlie's Diary (still in the middle of the "How I Got Here in the End" tale) is going on hiatus, but it has left us with links to three interesting stories:

* A Chinese government ban on the use of virtual money,

* A piece in BBC News in which a thirteen year-old compares the old Sony Walkman to today's IPod, and, only too appropriate as a corrective to that "We're living in the future!" ecstasy to which so many people succumb when they think about an IPod,

* A link reminding us of the utter nonsense people were spouting about where computers would be by now back in 2000, at the peak of an astonishing period of techno hype (this particular nonsense, like so much other nonsense, coming to you courtesy of Forbes). (Those interested in such matters might want to check out Charlie's keynote address at the LOGIN conference, where he offers a deliberately conservative analysis of the progress computers may make over the coming decades; and my own assessment of Ray Kurzweil's predictions for 2009 in his classic The Age of Spiritual Machines for The Fix last January.)

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