Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New and Noteworthy (Red Dwarf, Stross, Steampunk Reading Lists, Liberty Mutual's Responsibility Project)

In today's edition:

* SFX's report that there will be a season ten of Red Dwarf. (Having just seen "season nine"-the DVD only became available here in the States last week-I suppose I agree with much of the opinion: not ground-breaking stuff, not even a satisfactory conclusion to the season eight cliffhanger, but a cosy bit of nostalgia for those of us who've enjoyed following these characters in the past.)

* Charles Stross on television space opera in general and Star Trek in particular. It starts out as the standard complaint-the view that television space opera doesn't do anything really interesting. (As those of you who've read my stuff are well aware, I don't agree with this view, but Stross does make some good points, which do apply to a fair amount of live-action television.)

Stross also offers a follow-up to his comment on British politics, by way of a comment on the antics of Bond villain-turned-president-of-a-G-7 country (those who've read The Jennifer Morgue should get this) Silvio Berlusconi.

* During this month, which has devoted to the genre of steampunk, Sci-Fi Fan Letter offered a steampunk reading list earlier this month, and more recently, a follow-up, extending the list and offering some thoughts on the difficulty of defining the genre (an issue that, in retrospect, I probably should have touched on in my IROSF article on the subject last July).

* Finally, given the Liberty Mutual Responsibility Project's airing of a short film during NBC's October 12 broadcast of Heroes, (directed by Milo Ventimiglia and starring Masi Oka), this earlier piece of commentary on the Project struck me as offering a bit of needed perspective on the initiative.

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