Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The BSFA Nominees, So Far

On Friday Matrix Online posted the nominations made to date for the 2009 British Science Fiction Association awards.

The Awards fall into four categories: Best Novel, Best Short Fiction (which includes everything up to novella length), Best Artwork and Best Nonfiction (which includes a wide array of works, not only books and articles, but blogs as well).

I'm a nominee for the Nonfiction Award again-this time, for my November 2009 Internet Review of Science Fiction article, "The Rise and Fall of the Military Techno-thriller." (Last year's nomination was for part one of "'The End of Science Fiction': A View of the Debate," published at The Fix, which is presently in the midst of a transfer to the TTA Press site.)

Nominations are still being accepted (from BSFA members, of course) until midnight January 16. As it is, the lists are quite lengthy. (There are some thirty works up for the Nonfiction award already, a list which will be pared down to five by the time the shortlist comes out.) Nonetheless, I encourage any readers who are qualified to make such a nomination to check out the list and suggest anything they think was overlooked, as well as to take part in the vote when it comes up.

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