Monday, January 25, 2010

New and Noteworthy (io9 on Human Target, Dwayne Day on Defying Gravity, David Gemmell Legend Award Shortlist)

In this edition:

* An interesting piece from io9 on the gutting of original concepts in adaptations (inspired by how this has happened in the case of FOX's new series, Human Target).

* A group of articles space policy analyst and historian Dwayne Day wrote for the Space Review regarding the short-lived space-themed ABC-CTV television series Defying Gravity (which has just hit DVD, complete with the episodes never aired in its network run)-"Lust in Space," "We watch so you don't have to," and "Losing Gravity."

* And for those interested in reading more about genre awards, the first half of Nic Clarke's two-part discussion of the David Gemmell Legend Award Shortlist is up at Strange Horizons. (Part two will be appearing on Wednesday.)

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