Sunday, January 24, 2010

New and Noteworthy (Science Fiction World, Walton Follow-Up)

In today's edition:

* Sherry Yao on the 30th anniversary of Science Fiction World, China's leading science fiction magazine-which with a circulation of 300,000 issues a month, is far and away the world's most widely read. (The publishers of American and British science fiction magazines can only dream of such numbers-though I never see anyone wondering at why SFW commands such an audience, let alone trying to learn lessons from it.)

Yao is herself an editor at the magazine, and the piece appears at the web site of the Science Fiction & Fact Concatenation e-zine, a European publication which contains plenty of other material well worth checking out.

* A follow-up to Jo Walton's piece on the "Reading Protocols of Science Fiction"-discussed on this site in yesterday's posting. (Walton's interest in this case is "gateway drugs" to the genre-specifically, books which might attract people who don't ordinarily read "skiffy" to science fiction.) I'm not sure Ms. Walton's list works for me, but it's an interesting question nonetheless.

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