Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Techno-Thriller Bibliography

Courtesy of noted literary critic Norbert Spehner (well-known for his writing on, among other things, science fiction), here is an impressively comprehensive (French language) bibliography of military techno-thrillers, including both a lengthy listing of noted titles in the genre, and a fair quantity of secondary materials, including book reviews, interviews with authors, and an assortment of essays, analytical pieces and other commentary.

Current as of November 2009, it includes the three pieces relevant to the subject I penned this year, namely "Science Fiction and the Post-Cold War" in the January 2009 Internet Review of Science Fiction, "Revisiting the Victorian Techno-thriller" in Strange Horizons last February, and "The Rise and Fall of the Military Techno-thriller" in the November 2009 IROSF.

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