Tuesday, March 9, 2010

2009's Short Fiction

This being the new year, surveys of the best in 2009's short fiction are already starting to come out. Locus, of course, came out with its influential Recommended Reading list in February, and the short fiction review Tangent Online has just made available its own listing on Sunday.

Offering a narrower but deeper look is Alvaro Zinos-Amaro in Strange Horizons yesterday, writing about a selected half dozen stand-out stories.


bgc said...

Hello Nader,

Thanks for the constantly informative and entertaining... (enterformative?) blog.

I scoped the Tangent Online list. Lots of excellent reading.
So many stories, so little time.

I appreciate your recommendation for my story "Here There Be Monsters" in AGES OF WONDER.

This little tale about pirates, the slave trade and mermaids is now one of the finalists for the Canadian Aurora Awards (best short form work) as is AGES OF WONDER (best work in English - other).


Keep up the good work.
Keep smiling. Keep writing.

- Brad Carson - 2010 Aurora Award Finalist
authour of "Here There Be Monsters", published in AGES OF WONDER edited by Julie Czerneda and Rob St. Martin, DAW books, March 2009

"We are Afhasi. The Waterwise.
Humans call us the Fin, the Meara, or simply the Mer.
I am Kya, a Mer Maid.
We are Afhasi. Of the Sea."

Nader said...

Thank you for writing. The nominations are well-deserved, and I wish you and the other contributors to the anthology the best of luck.

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