Saturday, July 31, 2010

New and Noteworthy: Items From the Hiatus #6 (Clute on The Caryatids, Adolescent Reading Habits, A New Clancy Novel?)

In today's edition:

* John Clute's review of Bruce Sterling's The Caryatids, worthwhile in itself (as well as an alternative take to what I recently offered here).

* Dana Goldstein at The Daily Beast on "what teens are really reading" (and not incidentally, also how well they read).

* Word about the release of a new "Ryanverse" Tom Clancy novel coming out in December, the first in seven years. According to the article in The Independent of Titled Dead or Alive, this new novel was "written with Grant Blockwood," and continues in the same direction as 2003's The Teeth of the Tiger--more War on Terror stuff featuring Jack Ryan Jr., rather than a return to the high-tech, superpower-war stuff that made Clancy, and his style of military techno-thriller, a publishing phenomenon in the '80s and '90s.

My guess? The Ryanverse has become another franchise handed over to other, less well-known writer, much like the Op-Center, Net Force, Power Plays and other series Clancy created and co-created in the '90s. I'm also guessing that there will be no return of Clancy (or the military techno-thriller) to his earlier pop-cultural cachet or standing in the publishing business; the world has simply moved on. Rather, sales of Dead or Alive will, despite a near-certainty of a few weeks on the bestseller list, prove underwhelming, though they may provide a basis for additional books in the series--much as Eric Van Lustbader has continued the Jason Bourne series following the success of the movies based on that character.

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