Sunday, October 2, 2011

"31 Days of Halloween"

It's October, and Syfy Channel viewers know what that means: the annual "Thirty-One Days of Halloween." Essentially this means that the channel will devote an even larger share of its line-up to the schlocky horror movies and paranormal pseudo-documentaries that ordinarily comprises far too much of its fare.

After the season finale of Warehouse 13 tomorrow night, the Monday night time slot that became the primary venue for their original dramatic programming (after it was booted from the 8-10 PM Friday night slot to make room for Vile Vince McMahon) will be turned over to reruns of Scare Tactics – a pattern apparently set to continue through November as well. (Perhaps the idea is to avoid competing with the highly publicized Terra Nova, airing at 8 PM Monday nights on FOX, but I suspect this is much more a matter of the drying up of their stock of such programming than any such calculations.) This will leave Sanctuary (returning Friday, October 7) the channel's only original drama airing new episodes.

A final thought: I've been picking on the channel's programming decisions here for so long that it hardly seems worth bothering with anymore (especially as it is with decreasing frequency that I even flip to that channel anyway, just as with Bravo, and the History Channel and . . . the list can go on and on). And so I expect I won't write about it again for a good, long while.

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