Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New and Noteworthy (Charlie's Diary, Syfy Programming)

In today's edition, a couple of items from the past few weeks:

* A number of interesting posts over at Charlie's Diary, including a string of guest posts by cyberpunk great Rudy Rucker (starting with a piece on mind-uploading, the theme of his classic 1982 novel Software), Charles Stross's offer of another "Rule 34 moment" (in a recent news story on the deliberate hiring of psychopaths by financial firms), and more recently, Charles Stross's own predictions for 2032.

* An update from Airlock Alpha's Michael Hinman on what the Syfy Channel's recent executive hires say about its direction. (You guessed it – more reality television. At this point, I shouldn't even bother saying what I think of that, if only because I've run out of new ways to say it, and at any rate, the comments already appended to this post make the point.)

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