Thursday, March 8, 2012

New and Noteworthy (Strange Horizons, Ken MacLeod, End of Terra Nova, Rule 34)

In today's edition:

* From Strange Horizons, Paul Kincaid's review of the Brian Aldiss essay collection, An Exile on Planet Earth; a round table discussion in which several of today's leading genre authors (including Kim Stanley Robinson and Tobias Buckell, whom you can find in my blog list) discuss "writing climate change"; and the results of the 2011 readers' poll regarding their favorite SH pieces during the past year.

* An interview with Ken MacLeod in The Scotsman.

* More on the end of Terra Nova, specifically James Poniewozik in Time Magazine on "Why You Should Care That Terra Nova Was Canceled?" (He makes a good case that the prospects for genre television of this type, or more generally, TV production ambitious on either a creative or budgetary level, will be further diminished by Terra Nova's fate.)

* And finally, it's that time again over at Charlie's Diary: Charles Stross has announced a typo hunt in preparation for the release of the paperback edition of one of his novels. This time around the book's Rule 34. (Contrary to what some indie book-bashers would have you believe, no work is free of typos, even one written by an established author and published by a traditional house like this particular book. I, for one, respect Mr. Stross's attitude in these matters, and suggest that if you can help out, do so.)

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