Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New and Noteworthy (Airships, Star Trek and NASA, a Defense of Superhero Movies)

In today's edition:

* Anne Wilkes in Strange Horizons this week on what may be the beginning of a new age for airships – in real life as in the steampunk fiction that has made their images so ubiquitous.

* In the Space Review, former Star Trek writer and producer (and Space Policy Institute graduate) Andres Bormanis responds to Scott Pace's highly publicized recent comments about Star Trek making space travel look "too easy."

* Actor Tom Hiddleston (who reprises his role as Loki in last summer's Thor in the upcoming Avengers) defends the superhero movie genre in the Guardian.

New and Noteworthy (Battleship, Clarke Awards, Blood & Chrome, "European Astroculture")
New and Noteworthy (Reinventing SFTV Shows, NASA and Star Trek, Genre Awards Shows, the Cinematic Experience)
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