Friday, May 18, 2012

New and Noteworthy (Avengers, "The End of SF"-Again, Fringe Renewed)

In today's edition:

* Geoff Boucher of the L.A. Times' Hero Complex on the massive gamble that has been the Avengers film franchise - a gamble which has, of course, paid off spectacularly at the box office.

* Charles Stross on how e-books (and especially indie e-books) may spell "the end of science fiction" – by vastly expanding genre output, and bringing about a ghetto wall-busting revolution in marketing strategies, two developments which will render the intertextuality that has been so much a part of the genre impossible.

As those of you who've read my writing on the subject know (which you can find in my recent book After the New Wave), I see quite a number of other factors shortening the genre's life – and I'm not sure that intertextuality has been more important to science fiction than to other genres, old and new. (It may simply seem more important to writers and critics closely involved with it.) Yet, the argument is an interesting one.

* Over at, Scott K. Andrews offers his thoughts on the ending of the fourth season of Fringe (and how this stacked up against the endings of other, mostly genre, shows), and the series' renewal for a final, fifth season, which is not only a rare achievement for SFTV, especially on the major networks (matched there only by Lost and Chuck in recent years), but paves the way for its continued life in syndication.

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