Saturday, May 5, 2012

New and Noteworthy (Awards News, Hollywood)

In today's edition:

* The winners of the Arthur C. Clarke awards were announced Wednesday. (For an overview of the nominees, you can check out Adam Roberts' two-part overview in Strange Horizons, previously mentioned here.) Also in recent awards news: Analog magazine editor Stanley Schmidt has won the Heinlein.

* From, a new infographic in their series on the debate over information property laws, "Hypocrisy in Hollywood," which offers the history of tinseltown's rather tortured relationship with the piracy laws they so staunchly advocate now. As it happens, Hollywood was quite literally born in the attempt to escape those laws, the film industry having fled to California from New Jersey to get away from Thomas Edison's zealous use of those laws to enforce his control over it (ironic in its turn given Edison's own, contemptuous flouting of the copyrights of foreign filmmakers like Georges Melies).

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