Sunday, November 4, 2012

Skyfall Box Office Update

Skyfall's earnings in its second weekend of release have come to $156 million, bringing its ten day total global gross to an impressive $287 million. This was due both to strong holds in those markets where the movie opened last weekend (in Britain, for instance, the weekend's gross was down only 21 percent from those of the opening), as well as strong openings in new markets (like Germany, where it has been the year's biggest opener, and Switzerland, where it set a new all-time record).

Naturally Skyfall's gross remains well ahead of that of the preceding Bond film, Quantum of Solace, at the same point in its theatrical run, which bodes well for the bullish expectations for the U.S. opening next week, which can be expected to add substantially to the movie's earnings in the weeks ahead.

In the meantime, the American box office is doing well, with the video game-themed Disney animated feature Wreck-It-Ralph earning a better-than-expected $49 million this weekend (in spite of Hurricane Sandy, which had some industry-watchers concerned, and as Gitesh Pandya also pointed out, the upcoming presidential election). The Robert Zemeckis directed drama Flight also opened to strong numbers, taking in $25 million. The figures suggest a strong holiday season ahead.

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