Monday, January 7, 2013

Weekend Box Office: The First Weekend of 2013

Despite the hopes of some that The Hobbit would stay at #1 for a fourth weekend in a row, the film actually fell to third place this weekend, after Texas Chainsaw 3D (at #1 with $23 million) and Django Unchained (at #2 with $20 million). Still, its $17 million gross has brought its American total to an impressive $263 million, its global total to an excellent $825 million and counting. With a billion dollar gross seeming all but certain, this first of the Lord of the Rings prequels is, if nothing else, an unquestioned commercial success.

Les Miserables is at #4 with $16 million (and $103 million American total), Parental Guidance at #5 with $10 million (and $52 million in the bank).

Meanwhile, Jack Reacher fell to #6 with $9.3 million; This is 40 and Guilt Trip continue to sell tickets at underwhelming rates; Rise of the Guardians is edging toward a $100 million U.S. gross (and $300 million globally); and Life of Pi, another decent but not spectacular performer in American theaters ($91 million taken in to date) is closing in on the $400 million mark worldwide, validating expectations of a much more impressive overseas performance.

Skyfall had a $3.2 million weekend, bringing its take up to $296.9 million. This puts it slightly ahead of You Only Live Twice ($296.4 million in 2012 dollars), making it the third-highest all-time grosser in the States in inflation-adjusted terms (after only Thunderball and Goldfinger). That figure also suggests that it will be the first Bond movie to not only break the $200 million barrier at the American box office, but the $300 million one as well, perhaps by next Sunday.

Globally Skyfall has taken in $1.023 million. The result is that it is quite likely to overtake Thunderball's inflation-adjusted gross (about $1.03 billion) in about a week or so, making it the highest-grossing Bond film of all time in this most definitive way as well.

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